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Nordic Fintech Report 2021

The 2021 Nordic Report is live

A joint undertaking between Fintech Mundi and findexable and with FCG, Huawei and Mastercard, the report seals the success of the Nordic fintech community, which stands strong, with investors and innovators hard at work across the space. The region’s early success at moving away from cash,...

The Global Fintech Index 2020

Fintech exists to solve global problems. Of access – such as in emerging markets where banking economics stop the poor from getting a bank account. Of speed – where old infrastructure slows the sending of money, receipt of payments or makes international trade difficult. Or...

Global Fintech Index

Fintech Mundi has teamed up with long-standing partner MagnaCarta Communications and a coalition of other global partners to identify, compare and track the development of fintech everywhere – even in the furthest corners of our planet. Launching in October, the Global Fintech Index, presented under the banner of Findexable, will be...

Fintech after 2020

The Nordics are a fintech powerhouse but new report shows that progress is at risk of stalling without effective partnershipsConfidence in the region as home to great ideas stands at 68% in 2019 (14% up from 2018)67% of survey respondents feel the region needs greater...